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The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few weeks, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. For the following models, DSM 6. DSM 6. When you install or upgrade your DSM version through the Internet, it will now automatically be upgraded to the corresponding DSM version with critical and security updates.

The following models are not available due to hardware performance limitations. Fixed an issue where incorrect or incomplete update information may be displayed in the DSM Update tab. Upgrading Active Directory Server to version 4. Modified HDD hibernation mechanism to prevent HDDs from entering hibernation when a volume is degraded, crashed, or not created. Fixed multiple security vulnerabilities Synology-SA Starting from DSM 6.

Packages with replication feature, such as Snapshot Replication, must install the Replication Service package. The brand new Overview shows the health status of all storage components on your NAS, displaying a clearer and better look on the system overview.

Introduced Storage Pool, a new storage component, to replace the original Disk Group and RAID Group, and rearrange storage-related functions to provide users with a more consistent and smoother experience. Smart Data Scrubbing detects the supported file system and RAID type to perform data scrubbing automatically while enhancing data scrubbing usability.

A new built-in scheduler allows users to do data scrubbing periodically with just a few clicks, improving data integrity and consistency. Added a default monthly S. High Availability Manager has been modularized into a package to ensure better system maintenance and offers greater update flexibility. New mechanism can now eliminate unnecessary system reboot during major update to keep your cluster secure and maintain high service availability.

SHA 2. A simpler yet more intuitive user interface, offering you a comprehensive cluster overview and management. The new interface design provides more detailed and visual information as well as easy-to-follow solutions. Brand new user interface is introduced to display more details of both active server and passive server, giving you an in-depth system utilization overview. When first creating SHA cluster, user new to SHA can choose to only replicate system configuration to shorten setup time.

Enjoy the powerful features of the next-generation file system. User login details and abnormal geolocation information are dissected using intelligent analysis techniques and reported via DSM notifications. Daily and monthly reports provide more comprehensive information, allowing IT administrator to review abnormal activity and security scan regularly.

Added NFS v4. Please update each host in the cluster to the same DSM version or above versions for the Virtual Machine Manager cluster to operate properly. When logging in through VPN or Proxy server, some functionalities may have authentication issues.

If the upgrade is performed while running scheduled tasks, the Data Scrubbing process will automatically be re-executed shortly after the upgrade is completed. This update has been recalled on January 12, , because of falsely identified license file errors.

The issue is fixed in version 7. DSM 7. Users who have already installed this version of DSM are recommended to update the packages in Package Center. The update is expected to be available for all regions within the next few days, although the time of release in each region may vary slightly. Note: After installing this update, file attributes will be restored to the last ones before Active Directory Server is activated. After upgrading to DSM 6. Fixed an issue where the DSM welcome title and message will be reset to default if users set it to blank.

DSM 4. The desktop version of DSM on touch-enabled devices has been enhanced to support more touch events for Safari on iPhone, iPad and Chrome on Android devices. VPN connection is supported with reconnect automatically when the connection is lost. Applications Modularization: Six previously built-in applications – Photo Station, Audio Station, Download Station, Media Server, iTunes Server, and Surveillance Station – are now modularized to be independent packages, and they can be installed or updated separately without interrupting services running on DSM.

You will get an overview of system status and monitor the activities of your Synology DiskStation right after the login. Connection Manager: A real-time connection list is now added to allow you to monitor who is accessing your data and kill the connections of unwanted users. VMware vSphere 5. The test result of iSCSI writing is listed below:. Time Backup Enhancements : Remote destination is now supported to help you back up multiple versions onto another DiskStation over LAN for disaster recovery.

The sync can be triggered by the modification on the files, or you can schedule the sync task according to needs, and retain the mirror shared folders on the destination DiskStation. For the complete list of supported printers, please see here. For the complete list of supported routers, please see here. Check the supported router list in the Special Notes.

Multitasking: Users can run multiple applications simultaneously on Desktop and switch between them instantly. Multitasking support saves users from the constant wait of refreshing the whole webpage. All running applications are placed on the task bar. Photo Station Enhancement: Google map function is enhanced, allowing browsing multiple locations where all the photos are taken within the same album if the geo-information is available.

WebDAV: Web-based Distribution Authoring and Versioning is added to allow users to manage and edit files on DiskStation remotely with the support of content metadata and overwrite protection. It helps a disperse group of users around the world work on the same project as a team, which will greatly increase the effectiveness of group collaboration. View the complete list here.

The test results are listed below:. File Station is now only supported on the customized port to provide independent access to individuals. Download DSM 2. The \”Router Configuration\” feature is also available on the management UI under \”Internet Connection\” category, which accomplishes the port forwarding tasks on the router for you. View the supported router list here. Download Station Enhancements: MegaUpload download with a premium account is supported. Wireless Support: With the supported wireless dongles, the DiskStation will be accessible via Both the infrastructure and Ad-Hoc modes are supported.

View the supported USB wireless dongle list here. After firmware upgrade, the system will automatically create additional thumbnails for all photos stored in \”photo\” shared folder. Photo Station service will not be affected. This firmware upgrade is intended for specific cases only. Under normal circumstances, it is not necessary to upgrade to this version. Windows Mobile 6. UPS Setting Enhancement: You can now set up the time period before the server enters safe mode after a power failure.

And NTFS disks are not supported. This bug will be fixed in later version of Synology Assistant. To ensure proper operation of Photo Station, using File Station 2 to modify sub-folder privileges for \”photo\” shared folder is disabled. This firmware upgrade is intended for users advised by Synology Online Support. Enhanced Photo Station 3 : The performance of thumbnail browsing has been improved. The Google AdSense, calendar-based article browsing, and sticky articles are added to the blogging system.

The following file formats are supported from this version on. Version: 7. Notes: This version is released in a staged rollout. Version: 6.



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